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I am a Paranormal Investigator in my "free time". Such a funny term. As anyone in this field knows we do not have much. I pursue,  at great lengths,  all aspects of the unknown. I work with a large network of professionals accross the U.S. to find answers to reported cases of the paranomal and supernatural. 
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I, in the pursuit of the knowledge, will never stop trying to learn more about the paranormal, supernatural, metaphysical and most of all myself. I am NOT an expert .

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​Heidi Steffans!

June 5, 2017

Heidi Steffans

My own paranormal experiences started when I was a young child. I first started seeing spirits and images others couldn't understand when I was very young, I have memories from before I was four years old. I didn't understand why I could see people and images that others could not, and there was no one in my family that understood what I was experiencing so what I was seeing was dismissed. I was told I had an active imagination, that I was "creative". I chose to stop talking about things I was seeing that no one else believed. It was a scary world as a kid. The fear prevented me from understanding why Spirits were there with me. The fear also kept me in a state of feeling watched, paranoid, and on edge until I was in my early twenties.
As I got older, I found out some spirits found me because they had messages that needed to be passed along to the living because spirits "knew" I could see or sense them. Some just wanted help navigating the other side. I realized I was able to help in these situations and in doing so I could see the closure and sense of peace that would come to both the people of this world and those in Spirit. I discovered through working with people and connecting to the Spirit side, a path was revealing itself as my necessary life direction.
I decided to walk the path and went through of years of professional training, self work, and training from my Spirit Guides. It is now my commitment to help others connect with Spirit, understand their own connectivity with Spirit, or work with their own intuitions and sensitivities. I have been fortunate to work with thousands of clients over the years and have dealt with many different situations between people and Spirit...from the dark and dangerous to the miraculous and beautiful.
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The Cohen-Bray House
​Listen LIVE during an investigation with the Hauntology Team. My Co-Host for the show will be Faye Navarro , along with live interviews with members of the team about  experiences they are having; what is going on around me, and even play EVP's when captured. It will be an exciting show packed full of evidence, personal experiences and my own Spirit Box Session .
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